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The best method of detecting breast cancer is by having a high-quality mammogram and a clinical breast exam on a regular basis.  Like many tests, mammograms have both benefits and limitations.  Some cancers cannot be detected by a mammogram, but can be detected by breast examination.  Our physicians feel that self breast examinations are a very important part of a patient’s breast health and a life-saving habit.
A mammogram is an x-ray using low-dose radiation that offers the ability to detect growths in breast tissue.

We do not perform mammograms on patients with breast implants.  If you have breast implants, we can schedule your mammogram at one of the local breast imaging facilities. 

We recommend that you schedule a mammogram every one to two years depending on your age. Our office requires that you have your annual exam along with a breast exam prior to your mammogram. We can coordinate your mammogram at one of the local breast imaging facilities.